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Camp 360 is a transformational camp that is held every year through the partnership of several churches in Nairobi. Since 2011, Camp 360 has served as a great opportunity for bringing young people together and influencing them to follow Christ. This year marks our 5th anniversary since we started these transformation camps. We are proud of our achievement so far which includes teens coming to faith, discipleship relationships being established, talents being natured and everything in between! Camp360 has impacted over 500 teens in Nairobi since its inception and continues to attract interest in the young generation to date. This year, the Camp 360 leadership hopes to leverage on their past success to create a movement of young people,courageous and unashamed of the gospel so that together we may impact the nations for Christ.


  • Nairobi Chapel, Ngong Rd
  • Mamlaka Hill Chapel, Mamlaka Rd
  • Kileleshwa Community Church
  • Karura Community Church, Limuru Rd
  • Lifespring Chapel, Outer Ring Rd
  • Karen Community Church, Ngong Rd
  • ICC, Mombasa Rd
  • Good Shepherd Church, Ngong Rd
  • +254 202151482/3/4


We just don't fill the stomach but also aim to satisfy the teens spiritual hunger. Spiritual food is what we serve best


We believe that the journey of faith is full of delight! Though the road may be tough at times, we help teens understand that the Christian walk can still be exciting amidst the challenges.


We help teens connect with other like minded young people who are growing in their relationship with Christ so as to build godly communities that will impact the nations for Christ.
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